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Since the beginning of time Crystals have been an invaluable tool to enhance our daily lives, energy and wellbeing.

Everything we need is already here on earth, buried deep beneath us and awaiting our discovery. With a lifetime of experience in Crystal work our studio director Leigh will happily sit down with you in the oasis of our studio space. Whether you're just starting out on your crystal journey, or have been welcoming them into your life for a long time. Leigh will listen and guide you to the ways in which certain crystals could enhance and help you to lead a more fulfilled life.

Consultations are completely complimentary and available for a limited time from Monday through Fridays. Get in touch to book your appointment with us.

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For a limited time

For the whole month of August and September we are offering complimentary Crystal consultations in our beautiful studio space.

Come and relax and sit with Leigh as he guides you to which Crystals could help you through this phase of your life.

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