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Cacao Ceremony with New Moon

Next date: tba

Cacao Ceremony with New Moon

Together we will connect to our hearts with the help of delicious raw cacao and celebrate the journey of self-discovery. A safe space will be created where we will go within and listen to what is being revealed to us via mama cacao.

A new moon is the perfect time for new beginnings, an auspicious time to set intentions and like seeds we will plant them, nurture them and allow them to grow into manifestation. Combining the received guidance through the cacao heart opening and the new moon, we will set a new pathway, aligned to our highest good whilst being supported by the loving community gathering together for this healing circle.

It is recommended not to each too much 2 hours before the ceremony.

* Limited to 10 people

* Wear comfortable clothing

We so look forward to welcoming you on this beautiful cacao journey at House of Healing Berlin.

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