Ammonites are invertebrates and extinct members of the subclass Ammonoidea, that first appeared during the Middle Devonian Period around 400 million years ago. Engrossed with cosmic energy, Ammonites are very potent earth healing fossils as they stimulate the life force or chi within.


Connected to the Root chakra and Solar Plexus, ammonites are related to transitions, transformation and personal growth. Working with ammonite will assist you in moving from the old to the new bringing an abundance of fresh and innovative energies that will bring out the best in you and help you see clearly in the direction that is for your highest good.


Placing within the home environment, ammonites attract success, prosperity, and health, as well as drawing off all negative energies, by transforming and transmuting all dense energies into light and making htem positive life-force energy.

Ammonite Fossil

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