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**This Anhydrite cluster is an extra large statement piece from Italy.


Anhydrite is a crystal that supports and strengthens one on the physical plane. It promotes acceptance of the physical body as a transient vessel for the soul. Working with Anhydrite is the perfect crystal for one to accept what has been and to release any past hurt and pain, allowing for one to move on without being held back from the past. It is a stone that helps you to cope with and understand the process of dying and death by teaching acceptance of all that life is. This helps one release the past and look forward to living life in the present moment.


Anhydrite enhances communication skills and gives support and power on a physical level. It is a stone that will always show you the positives that are in abundant in life. Related to the throat chakra, it will enhance communication skills and help people that find it difficult to express themselves to other and themselves. Anhydrite is said to help the body remove retained excess fluid and disperse swelling and inflammation.

    Anhydrite Cluster | extra large

    229,00 €Price
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