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We are proud to stock the Berk line of essential and ethereal oils. All of their oils are derived from natural, organically grown sources.



Jasmine Absolute 520k

This Jasmine Absolute essential oil is a heart opener and will liberate fears and blockades to lead to a lightness of being. A sensual fragrance, floral and beguiling.




Refreshes the mind, brings clarity and new strength. A strong citrus fragrance that stimulates our inspiration and increases our resistance.



Lavender brings serenity, relaxation and a deepening sense of calm. Perfect for use during meditation and sleep.


Ylang Ylang

An exotic, floral scent with a sensual feel to it. Helpful in reducing anxiety



Frees negative thoughts and brings inner peace to the mind. An intense, balsamic and sweet fragrance.



Used for divine connection, opens us for deep wisdom and cleases tne pineal gland. Will also assist with a peaceful sleep. A warm, woody fragrance.


Berk Essential oils

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