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If there was ever a more rare and profound cosmic guidance card deck, then this is it!


The Cosmic Consciousness Ascension Deck by Jamye Price is the result of many many years of Jamye channeling light language frequency codes into script.


This unique 72-card deck and 125-page guidebook offers you 'deep healing and support on your path of empowerment and Ascension.' These profound cards are an exceptional tool for doing readings and healing for yourself and others. Each card is a healing transmission, as they utilise the Language of Light to accelerate your activation and release through your higher self.


The four galactic races (Lyra, Sirius, Orion, Pleiades) support your transformation of life’s challenges and triumphs strengthening your creativity and Love whilst providing an esoteric understanding into your cosmic heritage and evolution.

Cosmic Consciousness Ascension Deck by Jamye Price

42,00 €Price
  • We are very fortunate at the House of Healing Berlin to be able to stock this profiund and authentic card deck by Jamye Price. They are only available from two sources in the world, Jamye Price's online website, and here at the House of Healing Berlin.

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