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Visual creative and artist Annie Tarasova from Australia is renowned for her magically beautiful illustrations that she translates into journals, posters, books, macrame and cards.


The Gratitude Journal by Annie Tarasova is an appreciation of the beauty that exists all around you. A focus on what you have rather than what you do not have. Turning what you do have, into enough. A feeling of love and abundance combined. A celebration of the present. A life changing mindset... ...And a key to a happy, fulfilling, beautiful life.


These books by Annie Tarasova from dreamy moons are so special that upon first glance you are simply whisked away to a far away land full of potential and opportunity. Having this book in your hands fills your heart with joy, excitement and honour as you are holding a piece of magic directly from the artist herself.

Dreamy Moons | Gratitude Journal

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