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** Price per each. Each Stone is intuitively chosen for you :)


Honey Calcite - the God Crystal!


This powerful spiritual cleanser will amplify the vibrations of any other gemstone that you place near it. It is a stone that will enable you to open yourself to various opportunities that will help you grow in knowledge and temperament. 


An energising crystal, it will help you realise your own potential and make you feel happy, joyful and full of zest for life. If honey calcite had it's own mantra it would be: “I am open and receptive to life.”


It's a God crystal and it will help you to discover and bring out your god given abilities and talents in life, helping you to discern what is actually your own natural talent and bringing awareness to this in your daily life. In combination with this, honey calcite will help you establish your faith again in believing in life and the will power and determination to break out of old patterns that no longer serve you.


This stone improves concentration and relaxes the mind.

Honey Calcite | roughs

4,00 €Price
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