This beautiful Larimar pendant is held by 100% silver and is a wonderful piece for daily wear, or for special occassions. 


Larimar, also known as the dolphin stone or Blue Pectolite  is recently discovered in the Dominic Republic and the Bahamas. 


Etheric Larimar is a highly spiritual stone that has been brought to our attention for this new golden age of aquarius. Larimar is going to bring about the abundance of the pure loving energies that the earth was already vibrating on thousands of years ago. It has within it's structure the memories of our past civilisations during the time where we lived in complete balance and harmony.


It stimulates evolution of the earth, and naturally raises consciousness as well as harmonises the body to a higher state of vibration. 


Spiritually, Larimar dissolves all limitations, blockages and boundaries that constrain and limit the spirutual self.


Larimar Pendant Encircled in Silver

79,00 €Price
Chain option


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