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** this is the actual piece you shall receive. Sold as a pair.

Weight: 5.8kg

Size closed: approx: 18cm x 20cm


This very large and beautiful Quartz Geode is a true stunner. Sold as a pair, these cave-like wonders are filled soothing energies, bring calm, peace and intrigue to any environment.


Being that is quartz, these Geodes will radiate the powerful energies of quartz in all directions, but with a more subtle and calm effect. With such a large surface area, every point and crystal inside every quartz geode, is interacting with its environment, constantly working towards filling your home with peace, love and balance.


Full of wonder and delight, its a fantastic meditation tool, where you can place a quartz geode in front of you whilst meditation for its generous and healing energies.

Quartz Geode pair | statement piece | Morocco

280,00 €Price
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