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White Sage has been used for centuries as a cleanser to cleanse and clear away any low-vibrational frequencies, unwanted energies and helps spirits and energies that need to move on from the Earthly realm.

White Sage from California is especially strong, coming from a part of the Earth that is so potent in clearing, transmuting and healing energies. It has been used by the Native American Shamans for hundreds of years and can therefore testify to the strength and potency of this amazing all rounder cleanser. ⚡️


Perfect for smudging rooms, offices, your own aura and energy bodies, as well as objects, clothes and environments. When smudging, be sure to have adequate ventilation and open the windows.


If you’d like further information, or even a demonstration on how to cleanse with sage, come past the House of Healing Berlin. 💕

White Sage for Cleansing

8,90 €Price
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