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Crystal Workshop with Leigh

Next date: tba

Crystal Workshop with Leigh

Ahhh, the beauty that is crystals.

In these ‘Crystal 101' workshops we will learn and explore the benefits and power of crystals and their healing properties. Such questions we shall discuss include: How can I work with crystals? Which crystals are right for me? How do I cleanse and charge them?

You'll learn practical tips that will allow you to understand and feel into which crystals are right for you and how you can work with them effortlessly in your life for your highest good and pleasure.

As well as this, we will learn which crystals need cleansing, charging and how we can do this.

In this exciting and interactive workshop you will be using and learning about specific crystals and palo santo contained in a special crystal kit that you get to take home with you.

Look forward to having a fun workshop with you!


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