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High spiritual vibration

Ah, the beauty that is Amethyst, the all-healer crystal of people, animals and plants. A very high vibratory stone, amethyst has been used for centuries for its protective, healing and spiritual qualities. Amethyst stimulates and then calms the throat and heart chakra.


An excellent cleanser for the blood the stone balances the physical, mental and emotional bodies - linking them to the spiritual body.


A true healer.


Stone of Awareness

Angelite is one of the "stones of awareness", it represents peace and brotherhood. As its name suggests, Angelite  facilitates conscious contact with the angelic realm. It enhances telepathic communication and enables out-of-body journeys to take place whilst maintaining contact with everyday reality.


Angelite assists in unblocking meridians and energetic pathways. It resonates with the throat chakra, alleviating inflammation and balancing the thyroid. At a subtle level, Angelite balances the pysical body with the etheric realms. It creates a deep feeling of peace and trainquility.


Ancient Healer

Amazing Turquoise has been used for centuries by many civilizations for it's highly protective and spiritual qualities. It is a wonderful healer, providing wellbeing and solace for the spirit and the body. 


Turquoise promotes spiritual attunement, enhances communication with the spirtual world. Wearing Turoquise will empower you and help to align yourself back to your divine truth. When in the presence of this stone, the truth is always exposed and lies cease to exist.


The Lucky stone

Considered the luckiest of all crystals, this beautiful stone will benefit irregular heart rhythms, fertility, eyesight , dyslexia, cerebral palsy and hay fever.


Green Aventurine helps children and adults with written work, typing and computer skills and reduces clumsiness. One of the best crystals for conceiving a baby and for increasing the power of homeopathic remedies. It also enhances one’s creativity and motivation, and encourages perseverance in maneuvering life’s obstacles.


Protect and calm

A wonderfully potent crystal that will protect and calm you, the perfect companion on one’s spiritual journey. Black Onyx has the ability to transmute physical memories of the wearer, so it is very useful for healing old traumas and injuries from past lives that might be affecting ones present life. It provides support during difficult and challenging times and helps with making wise decisions. A beautiful stone, wearing it as a necklace or bracelet will calm your nerves; heal sorrows and any overwhelming fears. Wearing it as a ring, or piece of jewellery, black onyx protects you against people that like to play mind games. Wearing this stone regularly will assist you in achieving a positive outlook in life and raising your energy levels.



High spiritual vibration

Black Tourmaline (also commonly called Schorl) is a stone full of support and purifying properties. This stone is predominantly used and worn for it's protective qualities, as it cleanses, purifies, and transforms dense energies, transmuting them into a lighter vibration. 


Associated with the root chakra, black tourmaline shields the wearer or carrier from any external negative energies as well as internal conflicts. It is a powerful crystal when working with the chakras as it realigns them and balances the body from root to crown. It's very strong grounding properties means that by holding it, or placing near you, you will instantly feel supported and protected.

Tourmaline has been used for centuries as a shamanic stone for its clear and healing properties, shielding the wearer by forming a protective shield around the body.


Wear or hold especially when feeling spaced out after a meditation or healing session. Place near any electrical devices and electrical outlets to repel any harmful and negative electromagnetic energy.



Connecting to your higher self

Blue Calcite is excellent for calming nerves in the days before a special event, this beautiful stone also assist in memory and encourages clear and inspiring words. 


This lovely crystal resonates quite strongly within both the third eye chakra and the throat chakra. Due to its vibration within these chakras, it has a good action that may assist anyone who is doing any type of spiritual or psychic work.


Blue Calcite is also a good stone to use to grid your home or workplace, as it has a protective quality that may prevent theft.


The empathetic stimulater

Connected to the throat Chakra and third eye, Blue Topaz is an excellent crystal for meditation and attuning one to your higher self.


Wearing Blue Topaz attunes the wearer to their angels and truth and helps one live their life according to their  divine aspirations and views. 


It is an empathetic stone that will direct energy to wherever it is needed the most. A healing crystal, it stimulates, recharges, remotivates and aligns all meridians of the body as well as promoting truth and forgiveness. 


Balance ying & yang

Carnelian is unequivocably used to open and balance the Sacral chakra. This chakra is your creative and sexual energy center associated with the color Orange.


A stone of the sun, male-energy carnelian is ideal for women who need to assert themselves or make a major career or personal leap. If you've let go of what you want and who you are in life, Carnelian will help to re-establish that connection. 


It aids in building confidence, courage, passion and power, making it a great stone for those who are shy or passive in life. It is a very powerful stone that can be of great assistance when one needs to take action, aiding one in conquering procrastination, as well as jumping from old ways and dedicating themselves to a new path.


Infinite peace & Angels

Clairvoyant Celestite.

Celestite is a powerful and excellent healing stone, bringing in an abundance of love and eliminating toxins (working specifically on the eyes and ears) and is wonderful at bringing balance to all your cells.

The soothing nature that is Celestite, means that even upon glance, the sparkling blue hues will instantly make you feel centred and at peace, relaxing your muscles and calming the mind. The blue colour of Celestite makes it an excellent healer of the throat chakra and also opens you up spiritually to your divine blueprint.

Celestite being a high-vibe crystal will bring you closer to the angelic realm, supporting angelic communication and is programmed with beautiful divine energies that exude peace. A perfect companion stone to have with you on your spiritual journey and awakening, Celestite will bring you closer to your true divine nature and exude pure heart loving energies. The stone will bring you strength, balance and alignment into your life, new experiences and will teach you again how to trust in the Universe and dispersing any worries.


The radiance of Sunlight

Citrine is said to contain solidified sunlight and is unable to absorb negativity so therefore never needs cleansing.


Citrine is good for relieving skin problems and allergies, especially those caused by food intolerances or chemical intolerances. It can also aid with liver problems, short term memory loss, nausea and morning sickness.It will comfort you and help in relieving stress related to overworking, excessive risk-taking and addictions of all kinds.


One of these radiant clusters will be perfectly at place in your home, it is an aura protecter it acts as an early warning system so that action can be taken to protect oneself.  It is a happy stone, and encourages sharing what you have all whilst ensuring you never go without. Gloom and negativity have no place around Citrine, a useful stone for smoothing family discord.



Powerful enhancer

Quartz is one of the most powerful and energetic crystals on the entire planet, due to its helical spiral crystalline form. The crystal absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy and is a wonderful crystal for releasing and unblocking energies that need to be released.


Quartz will bring the body into balance and can be used to stimulate and strengthen the immune system. Spiritually speaking, quartz will raise the level of energy to its highest possible level and has the ability to dissolve any karmic seeds that might have been brought into the present life.


Quartz will help one to enhance their psychic abilities and attune one to their divine spiritual purpose. Wear and hold quartz during meditaion to filter out any distactions from the mind, enhancing concentration and unlocks your memory.



Desert Rose Selenite, also known as Gypsum Rose or Sand Rose, is a type of Selenite formed from a combination of water, wind, and sand. Sand becomes embedded in Selenite blades, while additions of water overtime help form the signature “rosette” formation.


Desert rose is known as a lucky crystal. In fact, it will bring prosperity to your business. What’s more, it will offer you more confidence to help make a wise decision. For your relationships it will enhance warmth and closeness between yourself and the ones you love.



Ground & Strengthen

Haematite is strong, it's name in ancient Greek means "Blood" because it was believed the stone would bleed if scratched. All haematite has a rusty red streak that can be seen when it is powdered or when rubbed against a harder stone. 


As a magnetic stone, this Mala will draw success to you by boosting confidence and bringing you praise and reward for things that may have been previously overlooked. 


Haematite will ground you and strengthen you.


Stress reliever

Beautiful Howlite, an extremely helpful stone to use to calm you if you are stressed or anxious, especially if your stress is related to having to deal with angry people.


Howlite focuses on the crown chakra so is ideal for students and those with a deeper thirst for knowledge.


One of the best uses for Howlite is to use it in your daily meditation. Their soothing calming energy will help you to relax, and gently ease into peaceful inner awareness.



Heart Chakra opener

Jadeite was highly prized amont the indigenous people of Mexico, Central and South America, carved into deity masks and ritual artefacts cast into wells as an offering to the water spirits for fresh and plentiful water.


Gift or wear Jadeite for young or new love, or after loss as Jadeite helps open the Heart Chakra to allow good fortune to flow naturally into one's experience of this physical realm. It helps promotes self-sufficiency, releases negative thoughts and soothes the mind. It  also stimulates ideas and makes tasks seem less complex so they can be acted upon.


It may also help the wearer with kidney issues, fluid retention, blood-sugar imbalances and eye problems.


Bring Understanding

This stunning crystal, associated with the throat and third eye chakras brings tranquility and peace to anyone facing inner turmoil, or emotional distress. Blue Kyanite also does not accumulate or store negative energies, therefore making it one of the only crystals that do not require cleansing.


Place in a workplace when addressing a group, or leading a workshop/ seminar as it sharpens the mind and group communication skills. Blue Kynaite also helps one to understand and bring to light their life’s purpose.


Mystical & Protective

Mystical and protective Labradorite.

This stone deflects any unwanted energies from your aura and prevents any energy from leaking out. A natural protective stone, it provides you with a barrier of light that will shield you in any circumstance where you come into contact with energies that do not serve your highest good. 

A fantastic crystal at aligning the physical and etheric bodies as well as providing you a link and access to the higher realms.

A balancing stone, labradorite calms an overactive mind and energises ones imagination with stability, new ideas and excitement.

Connected to the eyes and brain, this stone relieves stress and regulates your metabolism. 

With yellow'ish tones, yellow, or golden labradorite connects you to higher levels of consciousness, and is connected to the solar plexus and helps heal the stomach, spleen and liver.


Enlighten and Enhance

Lapis Lazuli opens the third eye and balances the throat chakra. It stimulates enlightenment and enhances dream work and psychic abilities. 


This stone quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace. It possesses enormous serenity and is the key to spiritual attainment.


Wearing Lapis Lazuli will encourage you to take charge of life, it helps to reveal your inner truth and encourages self-awareness and allows self-expression without holding back or compromising. 


As deep as the ocean

Larimar, also known as the dolphin stone or Blue Pectolite  is recently discovered in the Dominic Republic and the Bahamas. 


Etheric Larimar is a highly spiritual stone that has been brought to our attention for this new golden age of aquarius. Larimar is going to bring about the abundance of the pure loving energies that the earth was already vibrating on thousands of years ago. It has within it's structure the memories of our past civilisations during the time where we lived in complete balance and harmony.


It stimulates evolution of the earth, and naturally raises consciousness as well as harmonises the body to a higher state of vibration. 


Spiritually, Larimar dissolves all limitations, blockages and boundaries that constrain and limit the spirutual self.


Earth connector

Lava Stone is a great stone for grounding and connecting with Earth. Made from the fusion of the four ancient magical elements, it is considered female when the stone has been rounded, like mala beads.

Lava Stone is perfect for people who feel a somewhat depleted in their energy field, or lethargic and tired. Lava’s healing properties are also very helpful for people with too much drama in their life, or any type of discouragement. It is a great stone for attracting passionate love and is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra.


The protection stone

Malachite is a powerful stone that amplifies energies and is used for its strong protective qualities. It helps to heal Earth energies by absorbing negative energies and pollutants, taking them from the atmosphere and body. One should always cleanse Malachite before and after use by smudging with Palo Santo, or sage and you could also place it under the sun.

Malachite is wonderful at healing, balancing and activating the chakras and helps one attune to spiritual guidance. Placing Malachite on your heart brings harmony and balance and opens your heart to give and receive an abundance of unconditional love.


A beautifully supportive stone, Malachite assists the rebirthing process, as it is a stone of transformation. When working or wearing Malachite, life is lived with passion and zest as it encourages risk-taking and change. It will show you what is blocking your spiritual growth and help you to break down outworn patterns in your life that no longer serve you or your highest good.

This stone will encourage you to express your feelings and release any inhibitions that are holding you back from living your full potential



Earth healer


Mookaite is a form of jasper found in Western Australia, and is named after the district where it is mined. An Australian Aboriginal Mother Earth stone that is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world for healing and connecting with positive earth energies, even in cities. 


A very protective and ground stone, whilst at the same time providing a motivational energy boost. Ideal for those who are feeling a bit stuck in either their personal life or at work, this stone can bring out the courage to seek adventure. 


Underwater nurturer


Ocean jasper is occassionally called orbicular jasper in reference to the orb or bull's-eye patterns that can occur which are also seen in other jaspers. The name ocean jasper was given to those orbicular jaspers that can be collected on a remote shore of Madagascar only at low tide as the rest of the time the ocean conceals them.


Ocean jasper is full of positive gentle nurturing energy that helps anyone who wears or holds it regularly to develop self-love and empathy for others.


Inspire creative energies


Polychrome Jasper (also known as Royal Savannah Jasper and Desert Jasper), is believed to be one of the rarest jaspers in the world. Associated with fire energy, this stone will make you feel alive, full of vitality and passion.


Just like its bright colours, Polychrome Jasper is full of creative energy, acting as a source of inspiration and bringing to fruition any ideas, or concepts that you may be toying with. An energising and healing crystal, it will help you light new paths in your life and bring to the forefront everything that your heart desires.


Full of healing potential, Polychrome Jasper will make you will feel nurtured, secure, and safe; full of excitement and feeling happy.


Energy & chakra cleanser


Garnet helps to regenerate the body, purifying and re-energising the blood, heart and lungs as well as DNA. It helps with the absorption of minerals and vitamins and is a powerfully invigorating stone.


Red Garnet revitalises feelings within yourself, as well as feelings you have about yourself. It enhances sexuality, your self expression. It helps you connect with yourself emotionally and how you live in the world around you.


It controls unbalanced emotions within you, particularly anger that may have risen due to external sources. Red garnet helps you to have emotional intelligence so you don't react uncontrollably. 


Garnet stimulates the pituitary gland and allows you to have an expanded awareness. It clears negative chakra energies and allows you to let go of obselete ideas that no longer serve you. Opens up the heart and bestows self confidence.


Inspire creative energies


Polychrome Jasper (also known as Royal Savannah Jasper and Desert Jasper), is believed to be one of the rarest jaspers in the world. Associated with fire energy, this stone will make you feel alive, full of vitality and passion.


Just like its bright colours, Polychrome Jasper is full of creative energy, acting as a source of inspiration and bringing to fruition any ideas, or concepts that you may be toying with. An energising and healing crystal, it will help you light new paths in your life and bring to the forefront everything that your heart desires.


Full of healing potential, Polychrome Jasper will make you will feel nurtured, secure, and safe; full of excitement and feeling happy.


The love Crystal

Rose Quartz, the crystal of unconditional love and peace. A comforting and nurturing stone, it comforts a person when they are grieving, in pain, or have experienced a loss, and because of the stone's strong healing properties, it helps one replace sad, or negative emotions with loving and positive ones.


Rose Quartz opens up a new relationship with yourself where self-love, self-acceptance, self-forgiveness are present and it also helps one to heal relationships with other people. A loving and peaceful crystal it has a strong link to the heart chakra, emitting strong frequencies of love and calmness. Rose Quartz is the feeling of a nurturing and loving hug, supporting you and showering you with an abundance of unconditional love no matter what the circumstances are.


Place Rose Quartz in your home for harmonising your environments and especially in the bedroom if you are sharing with someone to balance the energies.


The light bringer

Beautiful Selenite! Just upon first glance this beautiful crystal exudes such magical beauty that shines ever so bright.


Selentite is the perfect crystal to place anywhere in your home, or space to instantly draw in and bring light. It is the perfect cleanser for clearing out ugly vibes that might have been left in your home, from an uncomfortable person and you can also use it as a wand to clear and cleanse your own aura from any low-vibrational energetic gunk.


Selenite can also be used to cleanse and charge your other crystals and if you have a large selenite charging plate, you can place your crystals on there overnight to be fully cleansed and amplified the next day.


Considered also an angel stone, it can be used for communicating and contacting with angels for guidance and is also great to enhance your mental capacity and bring clarity to any decision making process.


A fantastic and beautiful all rounder crystal that brings so much light into your life! One of my personal favourites!


Master purifier


Shungite is a soft stone and is one of the earliest rock formations that is about 2 billion years old. It was discovered in the village of Shunga, in Russia and so is named accordingly to indicate its origin.


Shungite deals with the base Chakra, it also activates the opening and stimulation of the Earth Chakra, which helps in keeping you grounded and also has a strong connection with the earth, which is an aid for spiritual grounding.


Due to the presence of natural fullerenes, this black stone carries strong purifying, detoxifying, and cleansing properties.  Wearing this beautiful Bracelet will help protect you from toxic people and negative energies.


Our spiritual satellite


Hold on tight to Smoky Quartz and protect yourself with its grounding and detoxifying effects. It's also great for gently restoring physical energy, melting energy blocks or rigidity in limbs, the adrenal glands, kidneys (good for kidney stones) and the pancreas. 


Use smoky quartz to absorb misfortune, sorrows or obstacles currently standing in the way of life moving forwards. 


Because of its association with the higher crown chakra, Smoky Quartz works as our spiritual satellite that connects heaven and earth. It anchors us to the earth while keeping our hearts and minds towards the celestial world.


Heighten your intuition


Snow Quartz is a wonderful crystal to heighten your intuition.


It will also give you clarity and sharpness of mind to correctly interpret the messages being conveyed to you. It is also a powerful balancing crystal that is great for grounding when you feel like you're being swept away with the demands of life.


Many people place their Snow Quartz crystal near laptops and computers while working because the energies of this crystal can protect you against radiation.


With the guidance of Snow Quartz, you will be able to learn new things easily, and you will retain what you have learned longer.


Earth & Sun energies

Tiger's Eye combines the earth energy with the energies of the sun to create a high vibrational state that is nevertheless grounded, drawing the spiritual energies to earth. 


It is a protective stone that was traditionally carried as a talisman against ill wishing and curses. It shows the correct use of power and brings out integrity. It assists in accomplishing goals, recognizing inner resources and promotes clarity of intention.


Mentally, Tigers Eye integrates the hemispheres of the brain and enhances practical perception. It aids in collecting scattered information to make a coherent whole. It is helpful for resolving dilemmas and internal conflicts, especially those brought about  by pride and willfulness. 



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