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Feel your Body - Movement and Cacao Workshop

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Feel your Body - Movement and Cacao Workshop

This workshop, hosted by Maria Lisa, is an invitation to dive deeply into ourselves and explore the vibrations and sound of movement that is felt within our bodies. Free and intuitive movement exercises - as well as guided - combined with breath-work will bring us into a state of deep non-intellectual feeling and openness.

To start with, we will open the workshop with a blissful cacao ceremony, where mama cacao will support us in opening our hearts.

Accompanied with sound and sound frequencies, the workshop will also explore how sound affects our bodies, including our brains and hormones. By moving our body, we will explore different areas of the body and in doing so, learn how the body can intuitively heal itself and release and forms of trauma - or in yoga, karma - of the body.

We will explore how the body stores energy and how we can understanding the connection to our chakras.

To close, we will lie down and enter into a state of integrational savasana accompanied by a beautiful sounds frequencies.

"I am so looking forward to meeting you and sharing this wonderful workshop experience together with mama cacao. Love, Maria Lisa"

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