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Inversion Workshop

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Inversion Workshop

In this workshop, open to beginners and intermediate practitioners, we will explore the foundations for inversions and play with a wide range of inverted arm balances. You’ll have the chance to play with many different inversion options and learn drills that will help you build strength and confidence to kick start your own inversion practice, or to take your inversion practice even deeper.

We will progressively build up the poses required to gain strength, stability, and balance. The thought of inversions sometimes scares people, as they feel uncomfortable of the unknown aspects of supporting themselves upside-down. Thus, part of this workshop is also the approach to inversions and how we can focus on bringing kindness our approach, including breath-work, safety and support for the body, ease and calmness of the mind.

It's a wonderful and fun day in a supporting atmosphere. There will be tea and snacks as well as time for a little break!

We look forward to going upside down with you!

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