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Angel Aura Quartz crystals are Clear Quartz crystals that have a stunning rainbow coloured iridescent glow, ranging from transparent to more opaque.


Angel Aura crystals are created via a special process, where you take Clear Quartz crystals and using a super-heated vacuum, infuse them with vaporised Silver and Platinum. In the vacuum, these two metals condense onto the surface of the quartz crystals, forming a permanent bond with the lattice of the Quartz's surface.


Energetically, by combining the frequency of Quartz with Silver and Platinum, creates a very unique synthesis of unique vibrations.


The potential of combining these elements, creates a crystal that facilitates deeper and higher levels of meditation, yet also remaining peaceful and calming, useful for communication with higher consciousness and Universal Source Energy.


Working with and using Angel Aura will help remove and transmute negative and low vibrational energies turning them into loving and positive vibrations, thus the perfect crystal for those who are going through stressful or otherwise difficult situations.


You can also use Angel Aura to enhance the healing properties of other crystals.


**Note: heat-treated stones, although not naturally occurring in nature, have however very effective healing potential energies. A heat treated stone, simply enhances and complements a specific crystals vibration.

Angel Aura tumble stones | small

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