Blue Lace Agate - stone of truth


Blue Lace Agate, also known as Chalcedony in German, is a banded agate that is an absolutely wonderful healing stone. Its nurturing and soft energy is cooling and calming, instantly bringing in a state of peace and compassion.


Connected to the throat chakra, it is a powerful throat healer and counteracts the feeling of blocked self-expression, releasing shoulder and neck problems and helping with thyroid deficiencies and bringing healing to the lymph nodes.


An emotional stone, Blue Lace Agate brings in deep peace and neutralises feelings of anger. Is is one of the great nurturing and supportive stones and opens the way for one to experience the higher energies, connecting one to their higher self and spiritual vibration.


One of the true spiritual favourites, this stone is presenting itself more during our current energetic times, as it is one of the powerful stones assisting our shift into our natural higher frequencies of light, love, compassion and truth.


Having and working with a Blue Lace Agate, means you are working with your undeniable existence as a sovereign being in this Universe, bringing forth truth, courage and honour into everything that you do.

Blue Lace Agate | tumble stones

9,00 €Price
  • Small: 5 - 15 grams

    Medium: 15 - 25 grams

    Large: 25 - 35 grams


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