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Buddha Statue in Malachite - Grounding and peaceful combination


Buddha Statues - purify the mind, builds up the serenity within oneself and motivates to overcome the negative emotions of fear, greed, jealousy and hatred, hence uplifting the mind and focusing the attention on the reality of the materialistic world.

A Buddha is one who has attained Bodhi; and by Bodhi is meant wisdom, an ideal state of intellectual and ethical perfection which can be achieved by a person through purely human means. The term Buddha literally means enlightened one, a knower.


Malachite stone of personal power and protection.

Malachite is a powerful stone that amplifies energies and is used for its strong protecting qualities, especially protecting one from psychic vampires - people that tend to drain your energy. It helps to heal Earth energies by absorbing negative energies and pollutants, taking them from the atmosphere and body. One should always cleanse Malachite before and after use by smudging with Palo Santo and then placing under the sun, or by placing it on a quartz/amethyst cluster and then in the sun. Malachite is wonderful at healing, balancing and activating the chakras and helps one attune to spiritual guidance. Placing Malachite on your heart also brings harmony and balance and opens your heart to give and receive an abundance of unconditional love. The stone soaks up plutonium pollution, thus is useful as a protection crystal against harmful radiation of all kinds and against electromagnetic smog from electrical devices. A beautifully supportive stone, Malachite assists the rebirthing process, as it is a stone of transformation. When working or wearing Malachite, life is lived with passion and zest as it encourages risk-taking and change. It will show you what is blocking your spiritual growth and help you to break down outworn patterns in your life that no longer serve you or your highest good. This stone will encourage you to expressive your feelings and release any inhibitions that are holding you back from living your full potential.


* Note: do not place malachite under, or in water, as it's composition means that when in contact with water, it can release harmful chemicals.

Buddha Statue in Malachite

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