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** Price is for the pendant only, fine silver chains are available for an additional €29 (to buy both just select from the drop down option)


This beautiful pendant is set in 100% silver and is a beautiful piece for daily wear, or for special occassions. 


Carnelian is unequivocably used to open and balance the Sacral chakra. This chakra is your creative and sexual energy center associated with the color Orange.


A stone of the sun, male-energy carnelian is ideal for women who need to assert themselves or make a major career or personal leap. If you've let go of what you want and who you are in life, Carnelian will help to re-establish that connection. 


 It aids in building confidence, courage, passion and power, making it a great stone for those who are shy or passive in life. It is a very powerful stone that can be of great assistance when one needs to take action, aiding one in conquering procrastination, as well as jumping from old ways and dedicating themselves to a new path.

Carnelian pendant set in silver 925

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