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Visual creative and artist Annie Tarasova from Australia is renowned for her magically beautiful illustrations that she translates into journals, posters, books, macrame, cards, oracle decks and now her famous TAROT!


From Annie...


Dreamy Moons Tarot came from a place of sincere love and divine inspiration. Deeply inspired by Rider-Waite Tarot, Dreamy Moons Tarot contains a lot of traditional symbolism with a celestial twist.


Consisting of 80 cards adorned in gold foil, this magical deck features four suits: Cups, Wands, Crystals and Stars; as well as the Major Arcanas. Paired with a 100-page detailed guidebook, this dreamy deck is an invitation to dive into your subconscious, explore your own magic and connect with the Universe that is inside and outside of you.


It was an incredibly spiritual, fun and fulfilling journey bringing this deck to life. May it become a significant part of your rituals and bring you wisdom and healing.


Love, Annie x

Dreamy Moons | Tarot Deck

68,90 €Price
Out of Stock
  • 80 card Tarot Deck + 100 page Guidebook
    Designed and written by Annie Tarasova. 
    Size: 155mm tall x 115mm wide x 55 mm thick

    Gold foil detailing on each card, box, booklet.
    Golden card edges.

  • We expect our next shipment to arrive by the end of October 2023

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