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House of Healing Berlin is honoured to be the exclusive online store for the beautiful range of  Elbenzauber incense.  Handcrafted in Berlin since 1991, this is our favourite incense to keep burning here in our studio space. The range of fragrances is carefully refined and there will be a perfect choice for everyone. Whether you're purifying a space, relaxing, needing to fuel your creative fire or take some time out.



Aromatic herbs from the Himalayas create a sweet and uplifting scent promoting positive energies. Known as the scent of a happy life.



Fine aromatic sandalwood from South India in Mysore is one of the holiest scents on earth. Brings clarity and has strong cleansing properties.


Sandalwood Royal

An elevated version of original Sandalwood, expect a balmy and energising atmosphere.


Lugsanad Flowers

From the Celtic god Lug, this very special combination of herbs was used for ceremonies to cleanse aura's. It creates a very strong smoke that will open the heart and bring protection.


Gwendedh herbs

A mixture of herbs which has a fresh, peppery and energising aroma which is treasured by Northern Europeans. Helpful to use to create positive intentions.



Used for thousands of years by mystics, and all cultures of the world for it's potent protective qualities. It aids in bringing everything to it's authentic nature. 



Harmonising and will give you the feeling of peace and love.


Nag Champa

The scent of the Champaca flower, this well known incense is used around the world for it's relaxing and comforting qualities.



Steeped in Indian tradition this scent is full of character, it stimulates passion and feelings of love and cherishment.  It helps you to acknowledge your worth and the importance of integrity.


Shiva Om

From the lotus flower this very fine, delicate mix of Sandalwood, Cloves and a pinch of Camphor combined is a refreshing scent, perfect for Yogi's.


Dragons Blood

Deep healing affects for protection and cleansing your aura directly from the heart of the Dragons Blood palm.



Named after the Indian god of Earth, with Sandalwood, Camphor , Musk and Saffron. This scent is energising, cleansing and brings back balance to your feet. 



Steeped in mystery, this delicate combination of Sandalwood, Cloves and Narde will transport you to a hidden world of creativity, trust and clarity. 



Considered the master blend of the Elben Zauber range, Ritual is made up of Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Rose petals and Acacia. If there is any incense perfect for energy cleansing your home and space, this is the one.



A special sensual mix of flowers that create a relaxing and calming atmosphere for creativity and clarity.



Tulsi is the holy Basil from India that has been used for centuries in Ayurveda and is known as the plant that opens the heart and spirit.  It strengthens love and awakens your loyalty.



Imagine the scent after a long summer rain, this is Mattipal. It is also known as the milk of earth and is a unique fragrance that brings you closer to your soul.


Tallisin - Kräuter

An aromatic floral mix with camphor and gingerlily which is combined to create a spicy, fresh scent which cleanses auras.








Elbenzauber Incense Sticks

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