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House of Healing Berlin is honoured to be the exclusive online store for the beautiful range of  Elbenzauber incense.  Handcrafted in Berlin since 1991, this is our favourite incense to keep burning here in our studio space. The range of fragrances is carefully refined and there will be a perfect choice for everyone. Whether you're purifying a space, relaxing, needing to fuel your creative fire or take some time out.


The white line, is an exclusive deluxe range made of the finest ingredients.



The balmy and fine aroma of real sandalwood has a calming and uplifting effect. A deep and sensual fragrance, Sandalwood exudes clarity and meditation.


Agarwood light

Agarwood, also called Oud, is highly recommended in Traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine and in Ayurvedic practises. It has energising, vitalising and uplifting qualities.


Agarwood dark

Agarwood dark is a sensuous, vanilla like aroma - sublime and embracing.



The spicy and earthy aroma of Saffron has both strengthening and energising effects. Perfect for clearing the mind and cleansing the atmosphere. Your senses will become stimulated as your heart opens up - bringing joy and simplicity to the present moment.


Assortiment pack

Two sticks of each variety included

2 x Agarwood light

2 x Agarwood dark

2 x Saffron

2 x Sandalwood deluxe

Elbenzauber White line Incense Sticks

9,90 €Price
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