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Green Calcite is a powerful stone that stimulates the immune system, absorbs negativity and rids the body of bacterial infections.


A mental healer, using green calcite will help you dissolve rigid belief systems and old programs that are outdated and of no service to you or your growth and expansion. By doing so, it will help you restore balance to the mind and comfort you in transitioning from a stagnant position to a positive one.


Connected to the heart chakra and zodiac virgo, green calcite is a natural relaxant that is sacred to earth spirits and earth healers from Native North America and Nordic Europe. Its calming and spiritual qualities helps give stability to higher spiritual energies and directs healing in a soft and guided way, therefore making it the perfect crystal for Reiki energy healing sessions.


A wonderful crystal for children, it gives them the strength and potential to hold their own debates and to feel secure and confident in their own skin when with others. A money crystal, it will attract fortune and abundance in a loving and truthful way.

Green calcite rough | regular

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