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Green Fluorite - An effective auric, chakra and mental cleanser. 


Highly protective crystal, especially on a physic level, keeping external manipulations away. This beautiful and rare crystal is great to ground excess of energy. 

It brings information to the subconscious mind and accesses intuiton. 

An emotional healer, Green Flourite releases blocked grief from an unresolved bereavement, bringing new growth and understanding of the event, attracting a sense of empowerment. 


In the physical body, this stone helps to heal infections by boosting the immune system, regeneration of cells, energy and vitality, absortion of minerals, especially for teeth and bones, blood vessels, lungs and spleen. 


Keep green flourite in a room where children play to minimiye conflict.

For the workplace, disperses negative energies caused by electrical equipment. 


Chakra: heart

Zodiac: Pisces. 


Green Fluorite Cluster | Madagascar

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