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Green Jade / Jadite, or yu as it's known in China means precious stone and has been used as a stone of abundance and prosperity in many cultures around the world, especially in Asia, and Central and South America.


It is a very useful dream stone, assisting one with lucid dreaming, enhancing abilities of dream recall and astral travel. In ancient Chinese culture, Jade was a stone that was used to strengthen the body through the physical life and protect the soul after death.


Through the act of massage, jade rollers help to increase circulation to the skin and thus, encouraging lymphatic drainage, helping to reduce puffiness. Lymphatic drainage is the removal of a liquid known as lymph that is part of our immune system. Through the act of massage, the jade roller helps to increase production and flow of white blood cells and helps to remove and flush out viruses, toxins, and bacteria, which is also contained in lymph.


Best practice is to massage your face every morning upon waking up.

Jade Massage Face Roller

19,00 €Price
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