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** You shall receive this exact piece. 
Dimensions: approx, 14cm x 10cm


A stone shrouded in mystery and healing properties, Mookaite (also Mookaite Jasper) can ONLY be found in Australia, specifically Westen Australia. The rich colours you see are all 100% natural. An Australian Aboriginal Mother Earth stone that is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world for healing and connecting with positive earth energies, even in cities. 


Considered a ‘royal’ stone, Mookaite has a strong association with royalty, being a favourite stone to set in gold and adorn with jewellery.


A strong healing stone, Mookaite harnesses the power of Earth healing energies, helping one to ground and centre their spirit on the earthly plane. This makes Mookaite a perfect travelling companion as you will always feel protected and secure when away from home.


The magic and mystery of Mookaite can be traced all the way back to 12th century Germany where the exceptional naturopath, doctor, composer, intellectual and saint Hildegard von Bingen used Mookaite with wine to create a tonic that was used for easing insomnia and nervous tensions


A very protective and ground stone, whilst at the same time providing a motivational energy boost. Ideal for those who are feeling a bit stuck in either their personal life or at work, this stone can bring out the courage to seek adventure.  

Mookaite freeform | statement piece

102,00 €Price
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