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**Size 15 x 7


Ocean Jasper - Stone of comfort, nurturing and peace.


Ocean jasper is occasionally called orbicular jasper in reference to the orb or bull's-eye patterns that can occur which are also seen in other jaspers. The name ocean jasper was given to those orbicular jaspers that can be collected on a remote shore of Madagascar only at low tide as the rest of the time the ocean conceals them. Ocean jasper is full of positive gentle nurturing energy that helps anyone who wears or holds it regularly to develop self-love and empathy for others.


Crystal flames are carved into the shape of fire and flames – one of the strongest and most fascinating and mesmerizing elements known to man. With its incredible energy fire brings life and death, igniting energy into all it surrounds or touches. Similarly, crystal Flames inspire Kundalini energy enabling the user to manifest their desires, and to reach deep into themselves to find assertiveness and to beat procrastination.

Ocean Jasper Flame

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