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** Each Rhodochrosite Ring is chosen intuitively for you. Images are for illustration purposes only as no two are the same, they each have their own individual appearance :)

Rhodochrosite - the stone of deep emotional healing, love and compassion.


Rhodochrosite calms and rebalances the nervous system, promoting feelings of deep relaxation and a positive attitude. It is a stone that is the perfect companion for managing stress and intense emotions. It represents selfless love and compassion and expands ones consciousness to integrate the spiritual with material energies.


A wonderful stone for heart and relationships, it is the perfect companion for attracting a soulmate. A soulmate is person that has come into our life, to help us learn our lessons and experiences. It doesn't always necessarily mean a happy and peaceful relationship, but one that will help us grow and evolve for our highest good. Rhodochrosite teaches the heart to assimilate painful feelings without the need to shut down or shut out the feelings. It also aids in the removal of denial.


Connceted to the thyroid gland it helps to balance it, and also purifies the circulatory system, kidneys and improves poor eyesight. Wear Rhodochrosite to enhance and encourage excitement and spontaneity in your life and a positive attitude.

Rhodochrosite Ring in Silver 925

79,00 €Price
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