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** Each Rhodonite palm stone is intuitively chosen for you. The images are representation images only.


Rhodonite is a Feng Shui crystal that helps to restore balance in all areas related to love and yin and yang energies.

It is the perfect crystal for anyone that is experiencing emotional turmoil as a result of political distress, or an unhealthy relationship. Rhodonite will help you see clarity in your relationships and help you move away and find balance in a situation you previously wouldn't have had the strength to carry out.

Rhodonite will make sure that you do not repeat the same mistake again when it comes to choosing the wrong partner for a relationship. Instead, it will help you love, value and trust yourself fully and wholeheartedly first.

A stone related to speech and hearing, Rhodonite is a great balancing crystal for children and adults that have difficulties in these areas and will help them to calm the mind and have clearer thoughts.

Connected to the heart chakra and zodiac Aries Rhodonite will help you examine your inner most emotions to determine who and what you really want to be in life and with whom you would like to have around you.

Rhodonite Palm Stones

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