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** The Medium Selenite Lamps are approx: 11cm in diameter and 27cm high.


Beautiful Selenite! Just upon first glance this beautiful crystal exudes such magical beauty that shines ever so bright and as a lamp... wow, what magic!


This Selenite lamp is the perfect crystal to place anywhere in your home, or space to instantly draw in and shine its beautiful light. It is the perfect cleanser for clearing out any dense vibes and low frequencies that might have been left in your home from  visitors or guests.


Considered also an angel stone, it can be used for communicating and contacting with angels for guidance and is also great to enhance your mental capacity and bring clarity to any decision making process.


A fantastic and beautiful all rounder crystal that brings so much light into your life! One of our personal favourites here in studio!

Selenite Lamp | medium

92,00 €Price
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