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** Each sodalite tumble stone is intuitively chosen for you.


Sodalite is a beautiful communication stone that helps one open up to their intuition and spiritual perception. A creative mind stone it helps one relax and calm the mind, making it perfect for creative's and anyone going through a 'writers block' as it eliminates mental confusion and encourages rational thought, objectivity and above all truth.


Perfect for meditation, Sodalite will help one understand their current situation and will encourage one to strive for a life of truth, remaining true to yourself and standing up for personal beliefs.


Sodalite is a protective stone and will clear the environment and atmosphere of electromagnetic smog caused by wifi and technological devices, making it a perfect stone against 'sick-building syndrome' where there is an over concentration of wifi and electric pollution.


Sodalite strengthens itself with the wearer the more the person wears it, so place as appropriate somewhere in your home, or wear for long periods of time.

Sodalite | tumble stones

3,90 €Price
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