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Temples in Sunseet

An abundance of healing energy


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On our journey through life, it is possible that certain lower vibrational frequencies can attach themselves to our emotional bodies, without our own awareness or knowing. If left unaddressed, these attachments have the ability to cloud our intuition, our true self and our inner knowingness.


During this time the ego of the mind steps in and this can lead us to feel more strongly the burdens of life, emotional distress and/or sheer confusion. All it takes is a little guidance and push in the right direction, to uplift ourselves again, release the attached emotional blockages and negative vibrations that do not serve us in order to awaken again our true inner self and rightfully go again along the path towards our true destinies.

Reiki is that push back in the right direction. It is a pure loving energy that helps us to bring back clarity, compassion, understanding and above all love back into our lives so that we may take control again of ourselves. 


With the highest intention of your personal healing in mind, Reiki is a welcoming abundance of healing energy that only serves to benefit you no matter where you are in life. It helps you to open your eyes clearly again, heal yourself and restore your energy fields. I truly believe that it is by no chance that you are here right now, reading this, for now is the time for you to regain your power and become who you are truly meant to be.

Reiki is a natural hands-on healing technique, which helps to relax, release stress and maximise the body’s health potential. Reiki gives us strength and helps us find our inner harmony.


Through simple, hand-positions the active life force energy is activated, and the Reiki healing energy is directed into the body to promote health and well being on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Each and every treatment for each individual is truly different, which is why Reiki is such an effective tool for personal growth, deepening your inner awareness and expanding your consciousness. 

Since developing my skills as a Reiki practitioner, I can confirm that Reiki has the ability to have a profound effect on anyone and will work with your highest intentions to achieve the best results for you in your life right now.

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