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    Agate Price 12,90 € Add to Cart NEW Arak Pendulum Brass Price 12,90 € Add to Cart NEW Spiral Pendulum I Carnelian Stock Quick View Black Tourmaline roughs | small | extra quality Price 8,90 € Add to Cart Quick View Carnelian | freeform tumble stones Price 3,50 € Add to Cart Quick View Carnelian Tumble Stones Price 3,50 € Out

  • House of Healing Berlin | Crystal Guide

    BUY BLUE TOPAZ CARNELIAN 'Balances ying & yang' Carnelian is unequivocally used to open and balance the A stone of the sun, male-energy carnelian is ideal for women who need to assert themselves or make a If you've let go of what you want and who you are in life, Carnelian will help to re-establish that connection BUY CARNELIAN CELESTITE 'Stone of infinite peace & Angels' Clairvoyant Celestite. ​

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