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** Each Amber Angel pendant is intuitively chosen for you. Each one is unique and has slight variations from the images shown.These beautiful Angel Amber Pendants are perfect for wearing daily, or for special occasions when you want to protect yourself. Amber has strong connections with the earth and is a grounding stone for higher energies. It is a powerful healer and cleanser that helps to draw dis-ease from the body and promotes tissue revitalisation. Amber cleans the environment and the all the chakras. Connected to the solar plexus chakra, Amber will calm your emotions and bring balance to your well being. Amber is the perfect crystal for newborn babies and you can pin amber to their crib, or clothing for protection during their early infant stages. In Greek and Middle Eastern cultures, one always gifts Amber to new born babies for them to wear on their clothing, or as a necklace or bracelet as this provides them with a protective shield of protection for their energy field. This is especially important, because it takes 40 days for babies to develop their own natural protective energy shield from the day they're born. Therefore, one should never allow another person / stranger to simply pick up a baby without their parents permission to prevent any energy transfer. When gifting the amber, it's alawys best for the mother to connect with the Amber first before placing on the newborn baby, or in its crib.

Amber Pendant | Angel

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