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Blue Apatite - stone of manifestation and inner knowing


Blue Apatite is a stone rooted with inspirational properties. A stone for manifesting, Apatite will help you to recognise your inner gifts, talents and truths, making sure that you are always honouring your self and your personal integrity in any situation.


Connected to the throat and root chakras, it is a wonderful stone that promotes a humanitarian attitude, helping others and encouraging community and healthy communication. The stone facilitates public speaking and group efficiency.


Apatite is attuned to the future, which means that it is a crystal that resides in-between consciousness and matter, therefore being a support when realising ideas and developing ones psychic gifts.


Holistically, Apatite encourages the formation of new cells and helps to heal emotional dis-ease in the body. It helps one reduce irritability and said to strengthen teeth, gums and bones. Placing apatite by a baby's crib, will soothe them whilst teething.


Working with Apatite will connect you to a high level of spiritual guidance, allowing you to communicate more easily with your higher self and to recognise the truths that reside in your inner knowingness.

Blue Apatite | tumble stones

3,90 €Price
  • Small: 5-15gms

    Medium: 15-25gms

    Large: 25-35gms

    XL: 35-45gms

    XXL: 45-55gms

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