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Aquamarine, the stone of clarity and self-confidence is a crystal that alleviates depression, deepens love and faithfulness in relationships and strengthens their bonds during difficult times and hardships.


Connected to the zodiac signs Pisces, Aquarius and Libra, aquamarine is connected to the throat and third eye chakras and it is the stone that encourages cell regeneration and rejuvenation as well as bringing these qualities into the aura and mind.


Part of the beryl family, for thousands of years, aquamarines have been one of the most revered semi-precious stones used and worn as an amulet, because of its healing effects and as a symbol of purity and love. The treasure stone of mermaids, the Arabians also revered this stone as the stone of joy as it fills life with enthusiasm and a harmonious equilibrium.

Aquamarine tumble stones

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