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** Each black obsidian tumble stone is intuitively chosen for you.


Black Obsidian is the ultimate protective cleanser and healer. Made from molten lava that has cooled very quickly, it is a stone that works extremely well at exposing truths, flaws, weaknesses and blockages for instant growth and healing.

With great power, black obsidian gives one the strength and insight required to cleanse and heal any emotional debris. A protective stone, it will protect you from your inner darkness, helping you to navigate yourself out of your own self-destruction, or sabotage that may be the result of a clouded inner awareness and emotional blockages. Thus, black obsidian will help you empower yourself back to your truth and help you re-awaken your creative flow, passions and desires in life.

Placing obsidian under the bed, or your pillow helps draw out mental stress and tension, allowing for balance and calmness. However, being the stone of revealing all that is hidden, it will bring awareness to the reasons of your stress and tension, which may be uncomfortable for some. For it is only once you confront your demons and inner fears, shall peace return to you :)

Black Obsidian | tumble stones

4,90 €Price
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