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** this is the actual piece you shall receive. Weight: 1030g Size: 17cm x 9cm


Black Tourmaline from Brazil (also commonly called Schorl) is a stone full of mystical and protective properties. Associated with the Roman God and planet Saturn as well as the god of time, the stone is predominantly used and worn for it's protective qualities.


Associated with the root chakra, black tourmaline shields the wearer or carrier from any external negative energies as well as internal conflicts. It is a powerful crystal when working with the chakras as it realigns them and balances the body from root to crown.


It's very strong grounding properties means that by holding it, or placing near you, you will instantly feel supported and protected. Wear or hold especially when feeling spaced out after a meditation or healing session.


Place near any electrical devices and electrical outlets to repel any harmful and negative electromagnetic energy.

Black Tourmaline Rough | XXXL

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