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Bloodstone, also known as Hildegard Jasper after Hildegard von Bingen, Germany, is a light-brining precious stone, which symbolises the life and blood of Earth - where the green represents the life and the red 'blood' spots, the blood. This meaning, which comes from the ancient Greeks, symbolises that when using and wearing bloodstone, you are embodying and producing a harmonious relationship with the elements and 'gods' of Earth, granting the wearer longevity in life.


The fossil like drops of red 'blood' that gives bloodstone its name, have a powerful effect on the body, specifaclly our blood, circulaory system and all of our organs through which blood flows. Bloodstone purifies the heart from pain and alleviates disorders of heart rythum. It is said to help heal chronic and acute myocardial insufficiency and any vascular congestion.


In connection to the chakras, bloodstone reveals itself to be an illuminating stone. When working with bloodstone and the chakras, it will bring light and the energy of the Sun to wherever you place it. It is specifically connected to the Heart Chakra and will help you illuminate your shine out your integrity.

Bloodstone Crystal Bracelet

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