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Blue Aventurine: The stone of infinite possibilities, also known as blue quartz.


Sacred to arch angel Raphael, blue aventurine will bring and restore your sense of adventure, joy and pleasures in life. Connected to the throat chakra it is a stone of leadership and restores respect within ones self and others.


If you are planning or desire to travel, blue aventurine will make your travel plans a reality and place one in your travel luggage for safety and protection during your journey.


Wearing and using blue aventurine will connect your with your angels and spiritual guardians. Connected to the zodiacs Libra and Sagittarius, this stone brings peace to those currently troubled by worrying thoughts. Speak your fears into a blue aventurine, blow on it three times and then cast it in water from a hilltop or bury it in Earth for your troubles to go away.

Blue Aventurine crystal bracelet

19,00 €Price
  • Small: <15 gramms
    Medium: 15 - 25 gramms
    Large: 25 - 35 gramms
    XL: > 35 gramms

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