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** Price per each. Each Stone is intuitively chosen for you :)


The veins within brecciated red jasper are actually Hematite, meaning these stones bring you the dual benefits of both stones.


Red Jasper


Associated with the base chakras, red jasper it is a stone that helps to calm emotions and bring problems to light before they become too big. It will help you find clarity in situations that are difficult and is gently stimulating being a stone of health, strength and detoxification. It is a related to the the circulatory system, blood and the liver. 


When meditating you can place Red Jasper near the root and sexual chakras to stimulate healing and bring a soft touch of bliss into your present moment.




Haematite is strong, it's name in ancient Greek means "Blood" because it was believed the stone would bleed if scratched.  


As a magnetic stone, it will help to draw success to you by boosting confidence and bringing you praise and reward for things that may have been previously overlooked. 


Haematite will ground you and strenghten you.

Brecciated red jasper from South Africa

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