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** each cluster is intuitively chosen for you! Every cluster is unique and the images a y as a guide 🙏🏼

Beautiful uplifting Celestite is a powerful and excellent healing stone, bringing in an abundance of love and eliminating toxins (working specifically on the eyes and ears) and is wonderful at bringing balance to all your cells.


The soothing nature that is Celestite, means that even upon glance, the sparkling blue hues will instantly make you feel centred and at peace, relaxing your muscles and calming the mind. The blue colour of Celestite makes it an excellent healer of the throat chakra and also opens you up spiritually to your divine blueprint.


Celestite being a high-vibe crystal will bring you closer to the angelic realm, supporting angelic communication and is programmed with beautiful divine energies that exude peace. A perfect companion stone to have with you on your spiritual journey and awakening, Celestite will bring you closer to your true divine nature and exude pure heart loving energies. The stone will bring you strength, balance and alignment into your life, new experiences and will teach you again how to trust in the Universe and dispersing any worries.

Celestite Cluster | *prices vary per cluster

11,00 €Price
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