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** Images are for illustration purposes only. Each cluster is intuitively chosen for you **


Welcome to the stone of ABUNDANCE!


The beautiful lusture of citrine is said to contain solidified sunlight, thus making it unable to absorb negative energies and low vibrational frequencies.


It is a great crystal for relieving skin problems and allergies, especially those caused by food intolerances or chemical intolerances. It is also said that Citrine will help one dealing with liver problems, short term memory loss, nausea and morning sickness. A comforting stone, it will nurture and support you to relieve any types of stress related to overworking, excessive risk-taking and addictions of all kinds.


Placing one of these radiant clusters in your home is a perfect fit, as it is an aura protecter and acts as an early warning defense system, protecting the environment and home it is placed in. A happy stone, the abundant attracting energies of Citrine means that you all that you receive you will feel happy to share as this stone makes sure you never go without and attract in return.


Gloom and negativity have no place around Citrine, a useful stone for smoothing family discord.

    Citrine Clusters

    13,00 €Price
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