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** The images are a representation of the product you shall receive. Each Clear Quartz Angel has its own uniqueness ☺️ and will for always protect and strengthen you.Clear Quartz - Master healer and new beginnings Quartz is one of the most powerful and energetic crystals on the entire planet, due to its helical spiral crystalline form. The crystal absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy and is a wonderful crystal for releasing and unblocking energies that need to be released. Quartz will bring the body into balance and can be used to stimulate and strengthen the immune system. Spiritually speaking, quartz will raise the level of energy to its highest possible level and has the ability to dissolve any karmic seeds that might have been brought into the present life. Quartz will help one to enhance their psychic abilities and attune one to their divine spiritual purpose. Wear and hold quartz during meditation to filter out any distractions from the mind, enhancing concentration and unlocks your memory.

Clear Quartz Angel

22,00 €Price
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