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A feng shui crystal ball is used to correct chi energy flow problems and provide auspicious chi energy in your home or office. You can add a crystal ball either as a smooth sphere or a multi-faceted orb. 


Typically, it is suggested that these are at least 40mm in diameter and hung from the ceiling by a red string, red is the color of protection in the feng shui. 


The main entrance to your home is called the mouth of qi because it is the main way that energy and opportunities flow into your home and life. This means that it is worth the extra effort to make your home’s entry bright and inviting! One way to do this is to hang a feng shui crystal ball in your entry. 


Another way to use a feng shui crystal ball is to hang it above your meditation cushion or seat, or in a location so that you can see it in front of you while you are meditating. A crystal ball in this area will bring clarity, harmony, and expansion to your meditation practice. 


Crytal balls are a beautiful way to bring wellbeing to your home space or work area. 

Feng Shui Small Crystal Leaf

10,00 €Price
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