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Stunning Pearls. Pearls have always held a strong fascination with people for thousands of years, due to their rarity, beauty and hardness. Ancient Egyptians consider Pearls to be the direct messengers of gods and even the oldest pearl chain, worn 4,300 years ago by the Persian Queen, Achemenid can still be viewed in the Cairo Museum today.


Over the centuries, Pearls have always been adorned on royal jewell's and their lustre and sheen is said to bring in an abundance of light to the wearer. Thus, pearls are considered the bringers of light and they are especially connected to the solar plexus, brining power and strength to this chakra.


It is said that by wearing pearls over a long period of time, your mental development will strengthen and you will be able to become aware of any blockages that you are suppressing, thus flushing them out of your system. When worn in a chain form as a bracelet or around the neck, pearls warn of forthcoming disaster, misfortune and false friends, at the same time coating your skin with soft, silky mother of pearl energy and texture that is said to preserve your skin until old age.


Wearing pearls helps the wearer to distinguish between good and evil intruders and warn us of them if necessary, almost like an extra sense. 


Being made of 90% calcium, pearls are extremely beneficial to your bone structure and helps to strengthen and for the healthy development of teeth. Pearls also help to activate hormone production in the adrenal glands, thus supplying the nervous system and muscle system with beneficial hormones. It is said that because of its high calcium content, pearls therefore help alleviate headaches, frequent fever and pains, which have their origins in the bones.


An extremely precious stone that has a multitude of benefits, pearls are not only revered in the entire world by all cultures for their beauty and healing properties, but their prominence and beauty as a gift from mother earth reminds us of our true divine god like qualities that reside in each and every one of us.

Freshwater Pearls Bracelet | 10-12mm

89,00 €Price
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