These little satchels of  crystals are cleansed and charged especially for you to create your own water crystal elixir at home.


The Harmony mix is designed to bring you into a state of calm, peace and balance. You will feel nourished yet energised and filled with an abundance of unconditional love.


Place your crystals either at the bottom of your glass before filling with natural or spring water. Here in the studio we love to keep a glass decanter in the fridge with our favourite mix to cool off with.


The Harmony mix contains


  • Clear quartz – helps clear negative energy out, strengthens the auric field, and for overcoming self-doubt.


  • Rose quartz – can help with anything involving the heart chakra, and keeps you calm during stressful times. It also aids in forgiveness and love.

  • Snow quartz - the stone of increased intuition and clarity, snow quartz brings a state of calm and tranquility, slowing everything and everyone down to a harmonious state.

Water Crystals | Harmony Blend

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