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** Available in three different sizes: 6mm, 7mm, 8mm


It is said that Labradorite first fell from the fire of the ancestors in the Aurora Borealis. Through the crystallization process two phases of layers are produced. When light hits the stone it is refracted on the different layers and produces it's characteristic iridescent colouring, bringing a fountain of magic and spiritual awareness.


Wearing this Bracelet brings the fun and spontaneity back into your life, awakening a sense of adventure - sometimes for the first time. Don't be surprised if you find yourself on a long-haul flight, backpacking or trekking to Tibet. 


A stone of independent thought and action, keep Laborite with papers or near computer files you are checking to avoid making errors or missing incorrect facts that have been inserted in a document.

Labradorite Crystal Bracelet

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