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** Price per each. Each Stone is intuitively chosen for you :)


Lepidolite, is a crystal perfect for our current day and age. It is a stone that will strengthen the immune system and enhance the generation of negative ions in the body. Therefore, Lepidolite is wonderful at clearing electromagnetic smog and pollution and should be placed on or near technological devices to absorb their emanations.


As a healing crystal, Lepidolite locates the site of distress and dis-ease in the body. You may feel this as either a soft vibration, warmth, or cold as you move the crystal around the body with your hands. For those that tend to overwork themselves, Lepidolite helps to relieve exhaustion and will remind you to take a step back and focus on caring for yourself.


This stunning purple crystal stimulates your intellect and analytic qualities, encouraging independance and achieving goals without the need of outside help.


Holding Lepidolite, you will feel calmer, centred and as if someone just opened your eyes to the present moment.

Lepidolite Palm Stones

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