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Pseudo Microtektite - An extremely rare and beautiful stone


Most tektites are regarded magical due to their ages, which range from 30 million years to 15 million years.

They are a stone of knowledge, riches, prosperity, and fertility and powerful energy, amplifiers as well as of other crystals.

They enhance connectedness to all energies by opening new levels of consciousness, assisting in the communication with other planets, realms and ancient beings. Tektites are also known for their reawaken latent psychic abilities, allowing the soul's life purpose to be realized, helping to erase past life contracts, relieve karmic links, and seal karmic scars; realeasing undesirable experiences,  promoting insight into the true cause and necessary action. 

Tektites have been utilized to align the physical body's energy centers as well as to help regulate the neurological system, believed to assist in all physical healing, said to speed up recovery from illness and injury, good for skin disorders and problems with the auto-immune system. 


Connected to the Crown Chakra to enhace telepathic powers. 

Zodiac: Aries and Sagittarius.



MicroTektite | #1

155,20 €Price
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